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Director of digital marketing

Type of studie:

Influencer post test
Feed is a French food startup that offers complete and easy to consume meals in bars, in bottles or spreads (among others). With 250,000 followers on social networks and 300 million impressions, the brand is modern and digital. The brand opted for two distinct strategies: visibilization (development through a lifestyle community) and marketing (directed toward gamers, its primary target audience).

To win over these two groups, Feed is playing the game of influence to boost its traffic acquisition and increase its visibility. It carefully applies ROI strategies over this engagement media, and uses the right tools.

Their problems

These strategies present Feed with an important issue: the purpose of an influencing campaign is no longer just a matter of image, but of performance.

The KPIs currently available for influence marketing are limited: promotional offers, click rates, commitment are practically the only quantifiable information that can be obtained.

However, in view of the significant budgets invested, other key performance indicators are needed which must be more precise, more reliable and more diversified in order to promote a detailed knowledge of the results of each influencer and of the activated formats.

Happydemics is the barometer of influence action plans.


Director of digital marketing

The surveys in a few figures



of recognition
for users recalling the influencer's publication

"The more human the collaboration with the influencer is, the more qualitative the result and the more significant the recall."


of positive perception
for photo publishing compared to the information story

"Story-telling first! The esthetics tell the story better than the raw information does."



of cost
by purchase intention via the story compared to publication

"The story interacts with follower and gives life to the product."

Our collaboration

"There really were no tools which were able to effectively track the budgets invested in influence campaigns (other than the promo code), and their ROI." But Happydemics has established itself as a reliable support solution for those responsible for the performance of their choices and adjustments to their plans of action."

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