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How does it work?

A one-of-a-kind collection method, prime responses

Our proprietary collection technology revolutionizes consumer opinion data and provides the reliable, relevant, and marketable answers you need, as soon as you need them.
Example: collect opinions from nationally representative samples in 4 countries
Smart collection
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We have the capacity to collect the opinions of 4.8 billion individuals in 145 countries, whether at a country level or at a more precise and elusive level.
We use 3 compatible and automated methods to determine where the survey will appear.
Contextual: based on the target audience's likely interests
Semantic: based on a list of keywords, whose relevance was assessed by an algorithm
Databases: based on anonymous audience pools.
Broadcasting and selection
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Our model seamlessly integrates into any advertising ecosystem, which guarantees you will enjoy a representative sample and a prime audience. Our selection method also avoids all behavioral biases.
Simultaneous broadcasting in 4 countries
Quick and inviting multilingual survey
Random, anonymous, and unpaid participation
Real-time adjustment of broadcasting strategies
GDPR compliant audience providers
World map
Quality control
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Happydemics' proprietary algorithm ensures we gather high-quality data. It detects and excludes responses based on a respondent's written content, response speed, and other behavioral clues.
GEO-based respondent location verification
Bot identification strategies
Response time and incoherence analysis
Automated verbatim response processing
Data deduplication and quarantining of respondents

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