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A story, a team, a product: discover Happydemics simply.
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Happydemics is the story of a frustration that has become a conviction. Frustration because of the complexity of market research, which has been neglected by decision-makers in favour of a simplistic and stereotypical view of a target. But Happydemics is above all the conviction that marketing research experience has to be reinvented for brands, but also for respondents, by democratizing access to the opinions of all people. Happydemics was then born, and 5 years later, our conviction gets stronger every day!
Our mission is to bring together individuals and brands in order to bring the voice of all people, and to enrich the projects of brands.
Happydemics is above all people from different backgrounds who have come together around a common mission, and who are passionate about their work. Just like our product, which brings freshness to marketing research, our team is always available and goes beyond its limits every day to take care of our customers and provide them with all the answers to their challenges.

Meet our team

Happydemics-Tarek Ouagguini-CEO
Tarek Ouagguini
Happydemics-Nicolas Trabuc-General Manager
Nicolas Trabuc
General Manager
Happydemics-Caroline Marcadet-Head of Sales
Caroline Marcadet
Head of Sales
Happydemics-François Lassarat-Sales Manager
François Lassarat
Sales Manager
Happydemics-Delphine de Rosamel-Customer Success Manager
Delphine de Rosamel
Customer Success Manager
Happydemics-Diane Massenet-Customer Success Manager
Diane Massenet
Customer Success Manager
Happydemics-Jerôme Kalafat-VP Product & Tech
Jerôme Kalafat
VP Product & Tech
Happydemics-Thomas Guenoun-Master of Design/Product Designer
Thomas Guenoun
Master of Design/Product Designer
Happydemics-Camille Mosser-Graphic Artist/Motion Designer
Camille Mosser
Graphic Artist/Motion Designer
Happydemics-Anatoly Guzarevich-Lead Software Developer
Anatoly Guzarevich
Lead Software Developer
Happydemics-Rémi Prévost-Lead Front End Developer
Rémi Prévost
Lead Front End Developer
Happydemics- Hemroda Martin -Back End Developer
Hemroda Martin
Back End Developer
Happydemics- Mathieu Altavilla-Front End Developer
Mathieu Altavilla
Front End Developer
Happydemics-Guillaume Laborde-Deputy-General Manager
Guillaume Laborde
Deputy General Manager
Happydemics-Virginie Chesnais-Digital Marketing Manager
Virginie Chesnais
Marketing and Communication Manager
Happydemics-Alim Goulamhoussen-Inbound Marketing & CRM Specialist
Alim Goulamhoussen
Inbound Marketing & CRM Specialist
Happydemics-Suntara Thang-Media Trader Director
Suntara Thang
Media Trader Director
Happydemics-Alejandro Cantu-Media Trader
Alejandro Cantu
Media Trader
Happydemics-Mamoun El Yaacoubi-Media Trader
Mamoun El Yaacoubi
Media Trader
Happydemics-Marion Chauvière-Insights and Analytics Director
Marion Chauvière
Insights and Analytics Director
Happydemics-Solène Rello-Insight Project Leader
Solène Rello
Insight Project Leader
Happydemics-Léa Szerman-Insight Project Leader
Léa Szerman
Insight Project Leader
Happydemics-Hugo Piaget-Insight Project Leader
Hugo Piaget
Insight Project Leader
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