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Our mission? Transform the world of market research.
Back in 2015, Tarek Ouagguini and Nicolas Trabuc became aware of the urgent need to reinvent market studies. While working with various brands, they discovered not only that they were essential, but also the difficulties one faces in approaching a target, questioning them, as well as understanding and making use of their answers without having to face the hard reality that studies tend to involve long, complex, costly processes.
From this observation, is born Happydemics. This unique technology allows anyone—novices and experts alike—to automate their studies on a single platform. The solution simplifies access to opinions and re-establishes the connection between businesses and individuals from around the world.

We are committed.

To break down and rebuild an outdated sector, we are developing the only product that allows our clients to be actors in their fields and remove the distance that has been created between brands and access to opinion.

We are responsive.

Liberating opinions is a full-time job. We are available night and day, and provide our clients with a platform that operates in any circumstance so that we can answer each of their questions, as soon as they need us.

We are passionate.

Each team member works to improve our product. We take risks and continually reinvent ourselves to provide our clients with the best possible experience.
Avatar of Tarek Ouagguini
Tarek Ouagguini
Avatar of Nicolas Trabuc
Nicolas Trabuc
General Manager
Avatar of Caroline Marcadet
Caroline Marcadet
Head of Sales
Avatar of Jerôme Kalafat
Jerôme Kalafat
VP Product & Tech
Avatar of Guillaume Laborde
Guillaume Laborde
Deputy General Manager
Avatar of Charlotte Taupin
Charlotte Taupin
Chief Strategy Officer
Avatar of Delphine de Rosamel
Delphine de Rosamel
Head of CSM
Avatar of Diane Massenet
Diane Massenet
Head of International CSM
Avatar of Inès Grasland
Inès Grasland
Customer Success Manager
Avatar of Lucie Level
Lucie Level
Customer Success Manager
Avatar of Frida Babio
Frida Babio
Customer Success Manager
Avatar of Charlotte Cezza
Charlotte Cezza
Sales Manager
Avatar of Pierre Bancheraud
Pierre Bancheraud
Sales Manager
Avatar of Antoine Clairet
Antoine Clairet
Sales Manager
Avatar of Virginie Chesnais
Virginie Chesnais
Digital Marketing Manager
Avatar of Coline Pernelle
Coline Pernelle
Marketing Content Manager
Avatar of Thomas Guenoun
Thomas Guenoun
Head of Brand & UX
Avatar of Camille Mosser
Camille Mosser
Graphic Artist/Motion Designer
Avatar of Andréa Marques
Andréa Marques
Graphic Artist/UI Designer
Avatar of Mateo Caballero
Mateo Caballero
Product Designer
Avatar of Paul Carde
Paul Carde
Product Owner
Avatar of Anatoly Guzarevich
Anatoly Guzarevich
Lead Software Developer
Avatar of Rémi Prévost
Rémi Prévost
Lead Front End Developer
Avatar of Thomas Chafiol
Thomas Chafiol
Front End Developer
Avatar of Valentin Lecommandeur
Valentin Lecommandeur
Front End Developer
Avatar of Yohan Robert
Yohan Robert
Back End Developer
Avatar of Hemroda Martin
Hemroda Martin
Back End Developer
Avatar of Stéphanie Badal
Stéphanie Badal
Media Trader Director
Avatar of Alejandro Cantu
Alejandro Cantu
Media Trader
Avatar of Mamoun El Yaacoubi
Mamoun El Yaacoubi
Media Trader
Avatar of Mohamed El Hofy
Mohamed El Hofy
Senior Media Trader
Avatar of Solène Rello
Solène Rello
Data Insight Manager
Avatar of Hugo Piaget
Hugo Piaget
Market Insight Manager
Avatar of Laetitia Guillaneuf
Laetitia Guillaneuf
Insight Project Leader
Avatar of Aurélie Merlingue
Aurélie Merlingue
Insight Project Executive
Avatar of Louise Coutance
Louise Coutance
Insight Project Leader
Avatar of Christiane Battant
Christiane Battant
Office Manager
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