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How does it work?

Brand Lift

Use one of our efficient measure to optimize the performances of your communications strategy, and measure its real impact.
As the reference for advertising post-testing, Happydemics offers laser sharp targeting based on actual exposure data, a single or multi-media approach, and precise and custom indicator monitoring.

Optimize your advertising investments when you monitor the relevant KPIs

The first step to a successful marketing campaign is defining a clear goal. This process is an opportunity to test out different ideas and choose the most likely winners. It is also a prerequisite to measuring impact using the right metrics.
Pre-testing and post-testing are centered around significant and dedicated indicator analysis: - memory - attribution - value - purchase intent - awareness

Pre-testing and post-testing technology to meet the needs of advertisers and agencies

Happydemics created Brand Lift, a unique approach to deliver precise and reliable results.
Track your KPIs and get action-oriented insights in real time to inform and boost your advertising campaigns.
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Creative Diagnostic

Which idea should I choose and how can I improve it to meet my advertising goals?
Test your creations ahead of an advertising campaign rollout to tests their relevance, value to customers, the impact of their message, and to identify areas for improvement.
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Brand Lift

Measure the impact of your campaign across all KPIs
Learn about an advertising campaign’s actual impact when you compare survey answers from respondents who were exposed to or recall the advertisement to a control group (no exposure or recall), and determine how to improve your strategy.
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360° Brand Lift

Which media or platform combination will produce the most improvement across all KPIs?
Measure the impact of online and offline advertising campaigns when you compare results from a group exposed to, or who recalls the content, to one that was neither exposed nor recalls it. Precisely identify which media outlet had the most impact on your main KPIs to optimize your investments.
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