Brand lift

Measure the impact of all your ads on your targets

With Brand lift, get access to your campaign uplifts, effortlessly analyze your performance with exposed audiences and optimize your media plan.
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The only solution based on actual exposure

Measure your performance across all media (DOOH, display, CTV, etc.) by comparing you results between respondents exposed to ads and a non-exposed group using our cookie-less pixels. We use probabilistic exposure for your offline media.
Feature The only solution based on actual exposure

Your uplifts at a glance

Image, attribution, consideration, intention: get your uplifts at the end of your campaign on each KPI and compare your performance between individuals who remembered your campaign and those who didn't, including your core target audiences.
Feature Your uplifts at a glance

Your custom benchmarks

Get more data out of your performance with our benchmarks featuring over 500 brands. Cross-reference them by industry, media type, format or campaign goal to further analyze the impact of your ads.
Feature Your custom benchmarks

An API to launch your Brand lifts from your advertising platform

Use our API to connect our tool to your platform. Run all your metrics automatically, review and share your results wherever you are, with anyone.
Feature An API to launch your Brand lifts from your advertising platform
It's a key growth driver to reassure and convince advertisers.Raphael RodierRaphael RodierGlobal Chief Revenue Officer @ Ogury
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