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Because all your questions deserve an answer, Happydemics offers quick and simple marketing surveys designed to cover all your needs.
At Happydemics, we believe that everyone, including you, should be able to participate in surveys and make them more representative, closer to reality, unbiased.
That’s why we built a platform that connects you to people through media applications they use daily. We question new people every day, of all ages, in every single social group. None of our respondents belongs to a panel, and none will ever do.

Ask the people who matter

Define the population to be studied. With a potential of billions of people worldwide, we can guarantee you an audience, from the largest to the most accurate.

All your questions

To reduce the risks of your daily decisions, what could be better than to bring you the opinion of those most concerned ? Choose your problem from a list of templated surveys or create your own customized-one.

We are also here to support you.

Reliable answers

Happydemics offers a unique experience. Every day we interview new people, like you and us, through their daily media consumption.

It gurantees opinions are always diverse, sincere and representative!

Captivating results

Access your answers in real time on a dashboard with intuitive features.

Cross-reference and filter questions and answers. Interpret and share the insights. Because playing with data is still the best way to understand it.

Your turnkey insights

Happydemics also assists you in the analysis and sharing of the data obtained. At the end of the study, receive an advanced report on the insights identified, supplemented by the recommendations proposed by our teams. Also benefit from a video summarizing the main information. Because a study is only valuable if it is shared.

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