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Awareness, advertising performance, brand experience: measure your kpis in the safest and most efficient way to make better decisions.
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A powerful brand management tool
Our technology continuously analyzes the opinions of all your target audiences and provides daily suggestions for the best decisions to position yourself against your competitors
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"Very simple to implement on digital ad campaigns, a fluid dashboard and innovative insights."
Michel Jockers
Adops manager
"Happydemics is the ideal partner to conduct brand awareness measures in many countries simultaneously."
Thierry Metayer
Marketing and Web director
"The methodology is very relevant and customization allows us to track key metrics easely!"
Adrien Dominé
Spirits Brand Manager
@Campari France Distribution
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Brand performance everywhere, at any time
Get a head start with some unique brand indicators
Brand awareness, image, perception and experience: continuously monitor the KPIs that matter to you and measure your performance against your rivals.
Understand your consumers better than anyone
Benefit from a full understanding of all your targets, from 145 countries, by gaining precise insights into their behavior, their motivation and their expectation.
Conduct successful campaigns and make an impact on people's minds
Track actual efficiency and uplift indicators based on precise targeting and actual exposure data. Take advantage of a unique or multi-media approach.
Discover the concept your consumers will want to buy
Test your ideas and concepts in the flexible way, and identify areas for improvement on an ongoing basis in order to create the most innovative and appealing offer.
A proprietary data collection technology
Follow the pulse of your markets by continuously collecting direct and accurate opinions from 4.8 billion people around the world. As our collection method is an integral part of our technology, we offer complete transparency about the way we gather responses and control the reliability and security of our data.
How does it work?
Simple, effective and practical features
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A one-of-a-kind data collection
Gather the opinion of billions of individuals making up a representative sample of your target in 145 countries or focus on your existing audience.

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