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Measure the performance of your media investments and simply optimize your communications.
Brand Tracker
Brand Tracker
Brand Tracker
Brand Lift
Brand Lift
Brand Lift
It is a necessary growth lever to reassure and convince advertisers.Raphael RodierRaphael RodierGlobal Chief Revenue Officer @ Ogury

Reveal the value of your marketing actions

Measure and value the impact of every action and investment. Choose the right marketing and advertising indicators and define the frequency with which you want to track them on your brand, your products and your competitors.
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Your performance based on the opinions of billions of consumers

For each wave of measurement, we question 1,000 new people representative of your target audience in 186 countries. Our answers are collected in a reliable and secure way to evaluate the direct impact of your actions on consumers.
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Optimize your decisions for greater efficiency

Access your daily market trends and insights linked to your indicators to easily identify growth opportunities and focus on your next success.
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Compare yourself to the best

Go further in analyzing your indicators thanks to our benchmarks composed of over 500 brands. Choose your combination by sector, media type, format and campaign goal.
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Analyze your performance in depth

Simply use our filtering and comparison tools to maximize your chances of making the right investments and improving the ROI of each operation.
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For which teams?

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Marketing teams
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Understand and improve your performance and optimize budget

Thanks to Happydemics, marketing teams are mobilized around the right indicators and track the impact of their investments in real-time to improve the effectiveness of their operations.
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“I was looking to measure creative attribution in North America and Happydemics came to my rescue. The platform is user-friendly and the final analytics is impressively accurate. I am super happy with Happydemics!”
Anusha Kannan
Account manager @ Hivestack

Generate more growth with your customers

With Happydemics, adtechs have a trusted third party to prove the effectiveness of their campaigns and improve customer retention, without impacting their margins.
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“Our ability to measure and compare the brand lift of drive-to-store activations brings a real competitive advantage to our retail clients.”
Pierre-Emmanuel Padiou
VP Partnership @ Locala
The leader in marketing and advertising performance
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