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Arthur Larrey and Kamel El Hadef




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The founders

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Media post test
Audion is the story of two friends, Arthur and Kamel, who saw an opportunity and seized it. Both were involved in the world of media because they were interested in digital audio, a medium which is not yet fully developed, but is very promising (podcasts, streaming audio, voice assistants, connected cars, etc.)

They then founded Audion, taking on an ambitious challenge: to optimize digital audio by developing creative, targeted and effective advertising offers. Audion created the first French platform for customizing audio spots based on user data, thanks to its own adserver, and is now riding the wave of the popularity of podcasts.

Their problems

Advertisers, accustomed to pure and solid digital performance, expected to be informed immediately about the effects of advertising spots on traffic and sales. However, measuring the quality of a media campaign on an audio device is a separate case.

So, Audion raised the question: How can we find metrics specific to digital audio to quantify the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of the exchange of ideas? The answer was self-evident: Happydemics.

When it comes to surveys, you're a bit like Stephen Hawking. You're good at simplifying complicated things.



The surveys in a few figures

of respondents
listen to podcasts

"It doesn't sound like much, but podcasts are popular right now: it's a simple format for providing rich content."




of respondents
prefer ads at the beginning of a podcast

"Advertisements are usually integrated into the beginning of a podcast, but as the format develops, we will want to rethink the experience."



x more

of in-store traffic with a DCO format than with a classical format

DCO is personalization; you virtually switch in the brand recommendation."


Our collaboration

"Few players are offering a mobile marketing analysis. On the one hand, there is the traditional method, focused mass media, mass communication and analysis of large groups with cumbersome processes, and on the other hand - there is you! Everything, including our offer, the method and the reporting, is simple and readable. You are fast and respond quickly. You are the trusted third party who reassures our customers by showing them their ROI and helping us to renew specific collaborations.

That's right, we speak the same language, we have the same DNA."
Arthur and Kamel

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