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Jonathan ANGEL




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Marketing and Communication Director

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Brand awareness
Asus is one of the most active players in the IT market. He offers a varied range of products, including laptops and desktops computers, on which this survey has focused.

Asus takes his name from Pegasus (yes, the winged horse of Greek mythology himself), because he yearns for the same strength and taste for adventure to better meet all the innovation challenges that will cross his path.

Their problems

And challenges, there are plenty of them! Competition is fierce in the computing industry and consumers needs are often too generalized: in this context, surviving is a daily struggle. Hence the need for Asus to thoroughly investigate its market to position himself against his competitors.

The stakes are high: how to better understand two very specific main targets, high school and college students, as well as their behavior to distinguish their needs and evolution, and determine what kind of products to offer to each.

Habits of use, choice criteria, brands perception are some of the many insights revealed by this survey, and that will enable us to adapt our offers.

Jonathan ANGEL

Directeur marketing et communication

The surveys in a few figures



of computers
are primarily used for word processing

« Note taking remains essential for students; the laptop therefore still playsa major role in productivity. »

brand preference
among respondents who frequently use Asus

« Preference is mostly related to the habit of use: it reinforces our product-oriented strategy and user experience. »



for performance
during purchasing, performance is more important than the brand itself

« Purchasing choice criteria continue to demonstrate it: the computer is a fundamentally technical product. »

Our collaboration

« Happydemics’ methodology for conducting an ad-hoc survey is simple and effective. The report we received was interesting: it has allowed us to better understand how our target evolves as well as its real expectations. We found the dashboard very intuitive and could easily browse data thanks to its different features, although we were accompanied at each stage of the project by a reactive and professional team. »

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