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Quickly improve advertising performance and optimize your investments

Optimize your media and influence investments

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The benefits of Happydemics

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easy to launch

Post-Test surveys accessible to all

Packaged surveys, pre-defined surveys… It has never been so fast and easy to post-test your campaigns.

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unified measure

An indicator for your entire media plan

Discover the easiest way to evaluate all your offline and online performance according to the same advertising efficiency KPIs.

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multi-media compatibility

All your content is taken into account

Audio or video spots, displays, banners and even influencer publication. We adapt to your content and strategies.

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Transparent pricing

No unexpected costs

With a fixed cost per respondent that is clear and transparent, you immediately know your budget, and there are no surprises.

What do our customers think?

Aurélie Besançon Mobile Managing Director, GroupM France

"The agility of Happydemics, backed by their existing solution, has enabled us to build a customized post-test adapted to efficiency analysis on mobile devices. We're currently measuring the real impact of a media campaign on five to eight brand items."