Increase brand
with Happydemics

What lever should I invest in to gain
visibility and make a difference with consumers?

Finally, consumer opinions accessible to all

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The benefits of Happydemics

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easy to launch

Surveys accessible to all

Templated surveys, a dedicated expert team… it has never been easier create surveys, even for beginners.

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unified measure

Your image has a performance indicator

Evaluate your attractiveness as compared to your competitors by measuring the reputation, preference and confidence in your brand.

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immediate results

A product that delivers rapid results.

Launch your study within 24 hours, follow the collection in real-time and receive our analysis in your mailbox just six days later.

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Transparent pricing

No unexpected costs

With a fixed cost per respondent that is clear and transparent, you immediately know your budget, and there are no surprises.

What do our customers think?

Alric Fafournoux Direct Marketing Manager

"From the very first exchange, I appreciated the responsiveness of my contacts. I knew that I would obtain my results quickly and that these results would be extremely visible. [...] I also appreciated being able to follow the results "live" during the study."