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Creation and configuration position

Happydemics has developed a platform dedicated to building a customized study: choose targeting criteria, customize your surveys and receive expert advice.

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Distribution and collection position

Surveys are distributed on the websites and mobile applications of over 500 media publishers. Distribution is carried out through online accessible advertising inventories (Deals and Open RTB).

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Partitioned data position

Data is stored with the respondent's explicit consent and is fully anonymized, encrypted and stored on private servers in the EU.

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Reprocessing position

A minimum volume of respondents is necessary to ensure the representativeness of the collection. Adjustments are made by default on the population's INSEE profile or customized as necessary.

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Available results position

Data is aggregated and accessible in real time on a dedicated space. The platform can be easily used to access raw, filtered, cross-sectional or geographically distributed results.

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Reporting position

You will receive a comprehensive report, including detailed analyses, key lessons and recommendations based on your needs.

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