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How does it work?

Market Knowledge

With Happydemics’ scientifically designed and tested targeted models, you will gain a global understanding of your current and prospective customers.
Get an instant read on new growth opportunities to unveil consumer behaviors, motivations, and expectations throughout the world, all while learning about the competitor landscape.

Listen closely to the consumer trends driving your market

Once they’ve identified their concept, many brands focus their energy on selling their products and services to generate revenue. However, consumer habits are constantly evolving. If you want to have a product or service offering that meets your clients’ needs, and maintains a durable competitive advantage, you must also look at what happens after the product enters the market. The question you should ask yourself is: how does my product fit in my clients’ daily lives? Are they (still) happy with it?
Question your consumers is a strategic way to guide your marketing strategy and market positioning when you are releasing a new product, expanding your brand, or entering a new market.

Trigger consumer buy-in and product & service purchases

Happydemics and its marketing and statistic expert team co-created these models to deliver full picture, objective, market knowledge.
Gain a deep understanding of your target customers, understand their habits with your product or service, and their behavior towards your brand and your competitors.
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Who are your consumers and how to address them?
Understand how to segment your market according to the socio-demographic characteristics and behaviors of your targets to customize your strategies, and reveal those with the highest sales potential.
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Identifying growth opportunities in your market, focusing specifically on sub-targets
Get a detailed outlook of your target population’s purchasing habits. Acquire a full and precise understanding of your market to identify the best growth opportunities and learn how to position yourself.
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Needs Gap

How to develop or broaden your product/service offering to gain market shares?
Take a look at customer satisfaction levels in your market. Identify growth opportunities with high value add and unmet consumer needs to make strategic improvements and optimize customer acquisition.
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Idea Scan

Which ideas should I stick to, and which ones should I let go of to maximize purchases from my target audiences?
Learn about how your ideas are perceived, their relevance, and the purchase intent they generate from repeat customers in your industry. This will inform which ideas you should keep nurturing, and which ones you should abandon.
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Concept Diagnosis

How can I improve my concepts ahead of a release?
Identify your creations’ strengths and weaknesses by looking at their relevance, their degree of innovation, their coherence with your brand, and the purchase intent they generate.
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