Great functionalities to
conduct your surveys.

Happydemics offers many features for businesses to drive their insights marketing strategies in simplicity.
The survey
Marketing insights templates
Enjoy our specific templates to accelerate the launch of your surveys.
Sociodemographic targeting
Define your community based on specific criteria such as age, gender of PSC.
Geographic targeting
Question your audience wherever you want, targeting them either by country(ies), region(s) or city(ies).
100% customizable question
Simple, multiple, opinion scale, open-ended, media import, etc. Create your questionnaire with confidence.
100% customizable answer
Text response, illustrated, "Other", "No comment", random display, etc. Full control on your side.
Simple scenario
Add simple conditions that define (or not) the display of questions based on previous answers.
Complex scenario
Adapt your questions’ displaying conditions using complex response criteria, geolocation, profiling.
Tailor-made targeting
Define your community more specifically with tailor-made criteria adapted to your strategies.
The dashboard
Real-time dashboard
Access your study results in real time on your dashboard. Evaluate the performance and quality of your answers, etc.
Analysis by sub-target
Go into the details of your study results with a focus by sub-target (age, sex, period, scenario, etc.).
Advanced filters
Create your advanced filters by combining elements of your study to analyze your results by profile, brand, index, etc.
Study Notification(s)
Stay informed of your study’s progress and the first trends emerging in order to react and respond as quickly as possible to your needs.
Comments and tags
Collaborate with your team and/or ask for the help of our team in understanding your results through comments and tags.
Favorite graphs
Add in favorite the most relevant results according to your needs to save time during your analyses.
Export of results in XLS or PNG format
Create your study report easily, by exporting your data globally, by question, with or without filters enabled in Excel or PNG format.
Sharing surveys and results
Work as a team from creation to analysis using sharing options and facilitate the dissemination of your key results.
Adjustment of results
Adjust your results so that they are representative of the population of a country, region, municipality, or according to your audience.
Geographical analysis
Go even deeper in the analysis of your surveys by focusing on geographical data (country, city, region, department, POI).
The plus
Knowledge center
Take advantage of our help center: many tips, recommendations, articles and customer cases to get the most out of our tool.
Data protection and anonymization
Your data is encrypted: we ensure that your data is pseudonymized and partitioned on secure servers.
Your contact person
Take advantage of our team's experience to accompany you throughout your marketing insights journey.
Post-study recommendations
Get marketing insights adjusted to your needs and based on the results of your survey.
Post-study video
Get your personalized post-study video and offer conclusions in an attractive way.

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