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How does it work?
Quantitative studies
Database studies

Database studies

To study and understand the behaviour of your audiences throughout your customer journey.

Strengthen your customer knowledge to meet your business challenges

By surveying your contact base, and the people who have visited your site or been exposed to your advertising messages, focus your results and actions on your customers or prospects to improve your marketing and sales performance in your markets.
Concept test, brand experience or usage study, put all your questions directly to the contacts that matter to you.
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Apply the force of our studies technology to your ecosystem

We adapt to your needs and capabilities to offer you a tailor-made study solution and simplify your experience.
We offer you several activation options to facilitate deployment, develop recurrence or enrich your tools:
  • Imports
Upload your databases onto our platform for direct and rapid collection while benefiting from our study expertise. Associate each of your files with a language.
  • Connection
Integrate our trackers and/or connect your tools (CRM, DMP, etc.) to our solution to automatically transfer your contacts and carry out a hyper-targeted collection using our technology.
  • Integration
Automate the launch of studies, define your key indicators and integrate the results and analyses directly into your tools via our API.
All your data is stored temporarily, securely and anonymously.
Customer imports process
Customer imports process

Create questionnaires adapted to each of your issues

Carry out quantitative marketing studies and gather the opinion you need on all your subjects, to meet all your challenges: measuring the performance of an advertising campaign, product launch, internationalisation, brand experience, etc. With our Subscription offer: no longer prioritise them and get unlimited insights.
Like the launch of your quantitative studies, you can:
  • draft a fully personalized questionnaire
  • use the certified study models available on our platform: NPS, satisfaction, U&A, etc.
  • call on our specialists to help you in completing the process
Customer imports process
Customer imports process

Improve your ROI by easily understanding the actions you need to take

Our dashboard and associated report clearly respond to the marketing and business challenges you have identified.
Discover a graph presenting the key insights of your study according to the indicators that matter to you, as well as on the basis of your own audience segmentation.
  • ranking of messages generating the most purchase intentions
  • impact on your turnover of the barriers and motivations to purchasing
  • commercial potential of each consumer expectation
Customer imports process
Customer imports process

See report examples

Easily understand your results and the actions you need to take to achieve your objectives thanks to our two complementary deliverables:
A comprehensive analysis with the major insights from the study and operational recommendations from our expert team to make the best decisions
A video synthesis to share with your employees to unite them around your results

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a good chance you will get your answers.
Why conduct a survey of customers and prospects?
Collecting and analysing data on contacts, whether they are customers, prospects or others, provides information on their purchasing and consumption habits, their needs, expectations and satisfaction, but also on the brand and its reputation, image and quality of experience.
It also makes it possible to focus on a familiar audience and to deepen the knowledge of this specific target, for example, by asking them about a product intended for them before its launch, by obtaining their feedback to improve an offer and obtain new ideas, etc.
Although satisfaction surveys have become an important part of brand strategy, the success of a company goes far beyond the satisfaction of its customers after the purchase of its product or service. To be successful, a brand must be able to evoke positive emotions throughout its experience, and at each of its touch points. Customer and prospect database surveys are designed to help brands question and optimise their strategy throughout the buying journey.
When is it appropriate to conduct a survey of your contacts?
Interviewing contacts can be useful in a wide variety of situations and stages of the buying journey. The right methodology is no longer to send a series of questions at the end of the process, as many companies used to do, but to break down the surveys by theme and share them during the right interaction. This may involve subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an application, putting together an online basket, cancelling an order, etc.
These surveys can be conducted from the acquisition phase through to the post-sale phase and can be continually renewed to gain regular insights.
What types of contacts can be surveyed with the Customer Imports offer?
We allow you to target all your contact bases, while respecting your segmentation, if any. This could be individuals exposed to your advertising, users of your product, visitors to your website or application, prospects, occasional or repeat customers, your service contacts, internal company employees, etc.
How does Happydemics survey these contacts?
We give you the possibility to import or share via API the data available on your contacts: email, cookies, IDFA, phone number. We then use this existing data to survey your contacts in the appropriate environments, by distributing a targeted questionnaire in the media, by email, SMS or instant messaging applications, or on social networks. The survey can also be integrated into your website, application, or shared via a push notification.

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