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Drive the success of your ad campaigns

Use the only cookie-less technology to measure and enhance the impact of your clients' advertising campaigns across all media.
No. 1 trusted third party in the advertising market
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No. 1 trusted third party in the advertising market

Prove to your clients that their investments are paying off

  • An automated, interactive and easy-to-share report,
  • Proprietary ROI indicators to assess campaign impact at a glance,
  • Market insights and trends to identify daily growth opportunities.

A global standard for comparing yourself to the market

  • A comprehensive benchmark for every conventional and innovative media.
  • Fine-tune your performance by industry, media or campaign budget, thanks to a database with over 15K variables.
  • Position yourself against similar campaigns to optimize your next activations.

The only Brand lift that can be activated across all mediums

  • Measure the efficiency of all your TV, CTV, OOH, DOOH, radio, digital audio, display, VOL, in-game and social media activations.
  • Acquire expertise on every campaign, whatever the budget.
  • Available in over 110 countries

Your KPIs measured directly on exposed individuals

  • Future-proof Brand lift methodologies (cookie/ID-less)
  • Choose the best method for each medium.
  • Get up-to-date and intentional responses securely and anonymously.

One-click measurement launches

  • 8 ready-to-use templates designed for precise responses at every step of the funnel.
  • Combinations of key metrics for advertisers.
  • Boost your templates with additional metrics.
  • Automated and supported launches.
  • API integration with DSPs

Who is Brand lift for?

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Advertising agencies
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Drive growth by sharing transparent results

With Happydemics, advertising agencies have a competitive advantage in securing long-term client relationships by proving the quality of their services thanks to a trusted third party, without impacting margins.
"Our ability to measure and compare the Brand lift of drive-to-store campaigns provides a true competitive advantage for our retail clients."
Pierre-Emmanuel Padiou
VP Partnership @ Locala

The most comprehensive and affordable offer for advertisers

By including Brand lift seamlessly in their offer, DSPs consistently provide their clients with additional insights to confirm the impact of their advertising investments.
"I wanted to track the brand attribution of my clients' campaigns in North America, and Happydemics helped me do just that. The platform is user-friendly and the analysis results are highly accurate. I'm more than happy with Happydemics!"
Anusha Kannan
Account manager @ Hivestack
Global expertise, local impact
> 90%
countries covered
15 000
benchmarks across all media, sectors and budgets
customers, leaders in the advertising ecosystem (adtechs, DSPs, advertising agencies)
It's a key growth driver to reassure and convince advertisers.Raphael RodierRaphael RodierGlobal Chief Revenue Officer @ Ogury
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