The Happydemics essential templates


Strengthen brand image

Measure the campaign's impact on brand or product image among exposed individuals.

Ad recall
Ad recall shows to what extent people remember being exposed to an ad based on broadcast relevance, message repetition and personal interest in the product.
Ad likeability
The likeability rate expresses the creative quality of the content, and the relevance of the broadcasting format in terms of exposure.
The attribution rate measures the quality of the message and its broadcasting by assessing the share of the audience that can recall the name of the brand or product they were exposed to. Attribution helps measure the overall attention of individuals to advertising.
Brand image
The brand image assesses the effects of campaign exposure on the brand or product. This perception generally helps to develop brand preference.
Specific brand image
The brand image assesses the improvement in the favorable perception of the brand or the product for the exposed individuals. This perception generally helps to develop brand preference.

Additional KPIs

Ad format perception
Format perception can be used to assess its relevance in terms of delivering the ad.
Ad perception
Ad perception allows detailed assessment of the relevance of the chosen messages and content.
The measured preference increase is related to personality, quality or distinctive attributes conveyed by the message and the broadcast. This metric increases the likelihood of consumers choosing a brand when confronted with multiple brands offering similar products or services.
Ad format relevance
The relevance of the format reflects its ability to be in line with the image conveyed by the brand.
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