The Happydemics essential templates


Generate more sales

Measure the campaign's influence on brand or product purchases among exposed individuals.

Ad recall
Ad recall shows to what extent people remember being exposed to an ad based on broadcast relevance, message repetition and personal interest in the product.
Personal interest in the brand or product shows how successful the message and the broadcast are in capturing people's attention and curiosity.
The attribution rate measures the quality of the message and its broadcasting by assessing the share of the audience that can recall the name of the brand or product they were exposed to. Attribution helps measure the overall attention of individuals to advertising.
Consideration refers to the situation where individuals will consider a brand or product as a possible option to meet their needs or when making a purchase. The increased awareness and positive brand image contribute to the increase of this metric.
Purchase Intention
This indicator measures the impact of the ad recall on the purchase intention.A high score proves that the campaign is globally successful on all its elements (message, creation, targeting, format, delivery...).

Additional KPIs

Specific intent
Intent shows consumer's willingness to take an action related to the brand. Although intent does not always lead to action, it is a key measure of the overall performance of a campaign among exposed individuals.
The measured preference increase is related to personality, quality or distinctive attributes conveyed by the message and the broadcast. This metric increases the likelihood of consumers choosing a brand when confronted with multiple brands offering similar products or services.
POS awareness
The key objective of a Drive-to-Store campaign. This metric reflects the results of relevant targeting and the efficiency of the message by improving awareness of the brand's local point of sale.
POS intent
The willingness of a consumer to visit one of the brand's points of sale within a defined period of time.
Last purchase
The purchase gain for the brand translates the quality of the message and the broadcast by its capacity to generate an action linked to the purchase to the exposed individuals.
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