A few words on our
strongly-held convictions

What is our raison d'ĂȘtre?

Happydemics was created to make it easier for everyone to conduct opinion research in any circumstance, on any subject, anywhere in the world. By developing a technology that puts an end to all the research limitations with which professionals were previously confronted.
We set in motion a necessary revolution that was to profoundly change the market research market and its players. But before being carried out against our competitors, this revolution is above all that of our clients, who must be able to exploit opinion as an essential asset alongside agile, reliable and transparent partners.
As a new player in the market, we often convey preconceptions and stereotypes that blur our mission and the work of our teams to satisfy our clients on a daily basis. For the sake of transparency, we wanted to reassert the convictions which are the very essence of our product.

Happydemics is not just a simple SaaS platform.

If we are to be put in a box, it might as well be the right one. Happydemics is a technology that fully automates the conduct of a study, from the collection to the interpretation of results. We offer a complete range of products and services designed to meet all your needs.
Unlike some competitors who offer platforms in which they have digitised only part of the study: creation of a questionnaire, visualisation of the results or online panels, we have developed a product that centralises all the stages. We have injected all our expertise and intelligence into this process to guarantee maximum reliability, avoiding processing errors or loss of information, as well as to save time and allow our teams to concentrate on their job: ensuring that the insights delivered to our clients generate the best decisions.

Happydemics' methodology is even more representative than that of the institutes.

Research institutes use panels, fixed databases of individuals who do not represent the diversity of the population: under-representation of certain profiles (men, SCP+, young people), over-representation of others (women) and remote countries that are difficult to access.
Thanks to our technology, there is no need to be categorised in an upstream database. We reverse the approach and distribute our questionnaires over thousands of applications to obtain a large and diverse potential of individuals and guarantee a minimum number of respondents in each of the defined targets and areas. Adjustment, if necessary, is made during collection. The sample is representative because the distribution is known and public, outside the panel.

Happydemics surveys rare targets. But not only.

We are able to address 3 billion unique individuals worldwide. f our technology effectively allows us to search for any rare or specific profile (BtoB, SCP+, geographical areas difficult to access) it is because we start with an extremely broad targeting at the beginning of the collection, which we then refine on the basis of the media universes consulted and real behavioural data to guarantee targeting which is as precise as necessary. We are therefore equally capable of conducting studies on general populations and nationally representative samples.

No, our collecting ground is not only social networks.

We survey 30,000 new people every day, in thousands of unique media environments. We sometimes distribute our questionnaires on social networks, but the real strength of our technology is that it can be inserted into the communication environments of all audiences to enable us to question an infinite diversity of profiles every day. The only condition is to have an internet connection, which is the case for 96% of the French population and 57% worldwide. In the same way, we do not always distribute our questionnaires on the same applications, and never survey the same people. If a respondent is mistakenly targeted twice on a survey, he or she is identified via an ID and the duplicate response is not counted in the analysis.

When it comes to studies too, it's not just size that counts

We proudly apply a proven questionnaire methodology and indeed recommend that questionnaires include up to 12 questions as this optimises the respondent experience, while obtaining spontaneous and sincere responses.
Quantity is not synonymous with quality, quite the contrary. We only deal with one subject at a time to deal with it in the best possible way, while being able to extract extremely rich insights from these 12 questions, on barometers or dense subjects. Each questionnaire has its own objective, which is what allows us to respond concretely to the client's problem.
These questionnaires are part of comprehensive research products based on new specific indicators and fed by our +1,000 studies and our knowledge of the market, itself reinforced by regular benchmarks.

Happydemics focuses on the essential: the dissemination of knowledge

Our daily challenge is to provide real answers, generating decisions for our clients. This involves intelligent dashboards, clear deliverables that reflect concise and precise results, and available on a single platform: a collaborative space shared by Happydemics teams and our clients, enabling them to understand, transmit and make the best use of the information we deliver.

That being said, let's refocus on our mission: to rethink an entire profession to restore its value.

A recent study we conducted shows that one in three French people do not trust polling companies, notably because of a lack of transparency in their collection methods. It is precisely our role as professionals in this ecosystem to restore confidence in the figures by being clear and accessible about how we deliver information. This is also why it was important for us to express ourselves.
As players in the sector, we have a common role: to improve the daily lives of our clients by enabling them to move forward in their decision-making with peace of mind.
At Happydemics, this means rethinking the way we conduct research for everyone to do more, more often, using a transparent and fair model and a response collection method that is in line with today's world and more reliable in capturing the full diversity of opinions and behaviours. Let's focus on this mission for our clients and give opinion its rightful place in organisations and in our society.