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How does it work?

Brand Performance

Happydemics created powerful measures to allow you continuously track your brand performance and make decisions in real time.
Improve your brand awareness and experience thanks to our technology. Take advantage of these powerful levers used by some of the fastest growing companies.

The future belongs to high visibility brands that offer unique experiences

When consumers are looking to purchase an item, they are faced with an ever-growing number of possible choices, and brand awareness remains a key influence factor for all consumers, as it triggers trust and reassurance. To encourage customer loyalty, brands should offer unique experiences, and this is where Brand Performance, which goes further than CX measurements, becomes a must.
Market newcomers have become industry leaders when they combined both of these strategic levers. Even though they may not be your direct competitors, they are the ones you will be compared to, which is more than enough of an incentive for your company to position yourself with an exceptional brand image.

Track powerful KPIs to boost your brand

If you are looking to work on your market positioning and growth, Happydemics can support you with its Brand Performance products: extensive and customizable measures built around scientifically proven mechanisms and consumer surveys.
Our omnichannel approach lets you assess your brand awareness and all the different aspects of your brand experience, from the bird’s eye perception all the way to the details of each touch point, using marketing and commercial efficiency trackers.
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Brand Awareness

Identify the competitors and customer targets whose awareness of your brand you need to increase
Measure your brand awareness compare it to your competitors’, and identify which actions to take to increase it.
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Perception Scan

Which brand image and brand experience aspects should you work on to connect better with your target customers?
Learn how your brand is perceived by your customers and prospect customers, and understand which brand specific elements to put forward or work on to generate purchase intent.
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Funnel Rating

Which steps of your purchasing journey should you work on?
Measure your performance at each step of the purchasing journey, compare your results to your main competitors, to understand where and how to improve your messaging and reduce friction.
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